Recently bought the family bikes and just bought mine yesterday. The frame sizes are 19,16,13,and a small youth 24".

Yesterday I wasn't able to get all 4 bikes on my new Thule Apex 4 (or any hitch 4 bike rack for that matter). I will play with it more today some time. For the kids bikes to fit I can easily fit them on w/ the bottom bar of the bike frame on top of the bike rack arm (if that makes sense). I can also get both adult bikes on when I put a frame adapter on my wifes bike.

So my questions are...

1) Is there a trick to getting all four bikes to fit on?

2) Is there a better hitch rack to carry 4 bikes w/ such a huge frame size difference? I have a tacoma and minivan.

3) Does a frame adapter scratch your frame or allow too much play for the bike to bounce while traveling? Has anyone had one pull a seat post out of the frame on a really rough road.