I just replaced my car last year and have finally decided to ditch my old Thule Squarebar setup. I have a sedan and looking to get something quieter and more "aero.". Who's had experience with both of these and can comment? Only thing I could possibly reuse with any of my old Thule parts would be the locks, but they are pretty old. I'm guessing quality is about the same and most bike trays will accommodate either of these.

What I want to know is, is one of these quieter than the other and would one give better fuel economy than the other?

The next dilemma is which bike rack to put to there. I hated taking the wheel off, so guessing to do an upright. Any suggestions on the quietest and most fuel economical tray (w when not loaded with bikes)? I have an older Thule Sidearm and get but a second for pretty cheap (used).... Others to consider are the Thule Upride, Yakima Highroad, Yakima Frontloader, and Rocky Mounts Brass Knuckles (This may be the most aero option).

If I do decide on fork mount, there is always the Rocky Mounts Jetline, or Kuat Trio.... Or go super budget and get some used Yakima Forklifts (classified had time of old Subaru forklifts that will probably fit either of the crossbars fine)...

Suggestions? (BTW, I would be using Thule Rapid Traverse or Yakima Baseline feet)


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