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    tailgate pad with truck topper?

    Hi all... I have a F150 supercrew with a short bed and I'd like a topper for securing the bike on long trips/at camp. BUT I'd also love the convenience of just throwing the bike over the tailgate and heading to the trailhead. Can you use the over the tailgate method with a topper? It seems like it would fit but might be cumbersome to load... Any comments or has anyone done this?

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    Do you have a bunch of other stuff in the bed? Just put down a couple old moving blankets and lay the bike in.

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    I would but I'll be taking more than 1 bike to the trailhead.

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    The topper window is in the way - even when all the way up. I couldn't make it work for more than one bike in the back of my F250, short bed, and I have a feeling that if I did "make" it work, eventually I would have broken the back window. It sucks, because my wife, very thoughtfully, bought the tailgate pad for me for a birthday present, and we were both excited about the simplicity of loading the family bikes. We installed the pad, rolled out the fleet of full suspension bikes, and proceeded to have all sorts of problems. Total bummer for both of us.
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    taigate pad

    So I love having the Dakine bike pad on year round, protects the tailgate and looks badass, but I got a topper for my tundra, and the back windows won't lock over the tailgate with the pad on. Has anyone ever done some ShowBoxKodiLucky Patcher fixes to their bike pads to get the rear window to lock?
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