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    swagman xc 4 bike experience really good, i like it alot...

    i am just going to post the pros and cons of this rack, with some nice pics, for those interested in a good quality, affordable rack with some excellent features.

    1) ifirst its very very affordable, 199.00 for the 4 bike version, and 99.00 for the 2 bike on ebay, and you can get it even cheaper by getting the copy cat versions like coleman, basically the same thing minus some features.
    2) its very portable, you can see in the pics she folds up nice when not in use.
    3) it looks flimsy but dont let this fool you it is made very strong, its all heavy duty steel, no plastic to worry about breaking or cracking.
    4) the wheel trays are adjustable you can hold kids bikes, hardtails, road bikes, full suspensions, even downhillers, as long as it has 2 wheels your good.
    5) for security it has these racheting locking hook arms, you can use any normal pad lock to lock the arms, no overpriced locking cores to get.
    6) the hook arms hold all your bikes firmly, once racheted down the bikes dont move, your bikes arent going anywhere, again all metal no plastic to flex in this area.
    7) the 4 bike version can be transformed into a 2 bike version in seconds, 2 bolts and a pin, change out the main bar and wala! a lighter 2 bike rack, you can even lend the other half to a friend it comes with an extra main bar, cool!
    8) the wheel trays are metal, and can hold very big tires, i have 2.35 hutchinson spiders and have plenty room for even bigger tires.
    9) when in 2 bike mode its so light you can carry it with one hand, you can even throw it in the trunk!
    10) the main uprights fold down for easy access to your trunk or hatch.
    11) i noticed this rack doesnt stick out much, even when carrying 4 bikes its pretty flush compared to other carriers like the saris cycle one, thule t2, or the yakima hook up2 that stick out like a whole other car when carrying 4 bikes, yuk.
    12) trays are adjustable, you dont have to worry about anything rubbing or touching like seats and handlebars.

    cons, i am really nick picking here, but i had to put something here...

    1) it doesnt look as cool as the other racks, like the saris cycle on, or thule t2. maybe they should have powder coated it silver or something.
    2) the wheel trays should have used the same quick racheting system the arms use to hold the bikes, it would be so much easier and quicker to adjust for different size bikes, but it really isnt that hard it just takes a little time turning the knobs until they are nice and tight, what can i say i am lazy...
    3) i am having a little clearence issue right now cause my car sits pretty low, i have a 2005 chrysler 300 and she does scraps a little bit on my way out of my driveway. but i am going to see if i can take the main bar to a machine shop and have them put a slight rise in it, this should solve this problem easy, i see the newer versions of the swagman have this rise as do the other versions like the ones from performancebike, coleman, and hollywood.

    i posted alot of pics here because i believe this is an excellent rack thats just about perfect anyones needs, the swagman xc rack is a steal for the price on top of it. i think more people would have this rack if they knew how good it really is, if your looking for a good quality rack with some nifty features you should look this one up, its pretty nice.

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