Hi All,
Around January, I had the second half of my Sportworks T2 rack stolen. I only had the first 2 bike spaces on my car and had the second half hidden in the bushes. Someone thought it was a discard and swiped it. I don't have any significant $ to throw at this so I'm looking for options. I need to transport my family's bikes in a sturdy, easy to use way. They include 2 cruisers, a BMX, and my road bike.

So, do any of the add on kits out there fit the old Sportworks racks?
Anyone selling their Sportworks rack? (checking craigslist and ebay daily)
Anyone selling or clearing away used stuff that may work?

I've seen posts that the Thule add-on racks will fit with modifications which I'm fine with, but I can't afford a new one.

Money's really tight, but its driving me nuts seeing it half there and half usable.



PS, if you see anyone with a Sportworks rack that doesn't fold up like it should (because it's the add-on and not the main rack) let me know, or get them to return it to where they found it. Don't care about prosecution, just want it back. If I see you on the road that's another story.