I have a Thule roof rack - not switching to hitch and I'm looking for best way to haul my Specialized Bighit (40lbs with 2.5 wide tires). Any suggestions?

Sidearm is quick and works - made for DH/Freeride (with 20mm axel) bikes, but looks like a friggin' gun turret on top of the car when not in use. Plus, with the sidearm some douche can simply deflate your front tire and take your bike, so make sure to lock the bike to the load bars.

With the Echelon fork mount, it looks great, but it was NOT made for DH/freeride bikes - works great for bikes with standard 9mm axle and tires 2.3 or lower width.

1st: the tray is not long enough for my wheelbase - I have to take off the end cap to get the tire to fit because the bike was too long. Then the strap falls off when not in use (lost one already) beacuse the end cap is the only thing holding it on.

2nd: The tray is not wide enough to hold my 2.5 width tires - the tray bends and splays out on one side when mounted.

3rd: The rear strap is not long enough to hold my rear tire - have to use makeshift Velcro strap or something similar.

4th: Thule does not make a 20mm adapter. I bought the Yakima Fork Adapter for $50, but what a pain that is. My axle has spacers bolted onto it with a tiny allen bolt to keep the hub centered on the axle. I bought a second 20mm axle from a guy in Canada just for transport purposes (to use through the fork adapter) but it doesn't fit the fork quite right (a little too snug, but I can force it).

I imported a Thule 561 Outride (not available in US) fork mount carrier from UK ($100 for product, $50 to ship). It is the ONLY Thule roof mounted bike carrier with an integrated 20mm adapter! But I don't think I like it either (still in box). The tray seems short, the rear strap is the same one from the Echelon, and I still have to Mickey Mouse with the spare axle which doesn't fit the fork right.

If anyone else has had a better experience with ANY Thule roof rack product (on a 20mm axle), please let me know (I'm not switching to a hitch). I have invested a lot of time and money into this...

For now I'm going to go back to the Sidearm and use a U-Lock to lock the frame to the load bars - this is the only thing that seems to work (I have seen the big-mouth, but like others have said, latching onto the mid underbelly of the frame is not sturdy and asking for trouble).

No Thule roof rack works perfect for a 20mm axle. Prove me wrong - I'd love it!