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    Cool-blue Rhythm Softride racks

    Anyone have ANY input on SOFTRIDE ACCESS DURA bike racks? i really like the way it folds down out of the way w/ bikes loaded stay's level at all times. P.S. I did a quick search nothing came up.

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    That's the rack I use and we also get a lot of good feedback about that one. We have a Softride Bike Racks FAQ page that has some details about it and you should check out some of the customer reviews we have on our Softride Bike Racks page, too.

    Things I like about it in particular:
    1) The bars are close together, so it works with most odd-framed mountain bikes without adapter bars.
    2) It comes with a tightening hitch lock, and a cable for locking the bikes.
    3) It folds down without taking the bikes off and the bikes stay perpendicular to the ground at all times. The rear hatch of my Eurovan clears it and the door is BIG.
    4) It comes with anti-sway cradles that keep the bikes steady during transit. I only use them for longer trips, though, as they're kind of a pain given that the regular straps work just fine.
    5. The bike rack arms are removable, so you can pull them out and leave the main rack part on your car. That way you can go biking quickly without messing with a wrench.

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    HitchSource has basically nailed it.

    I've got one and mostly like it. I had an older model with wider arms and actually felt that it let me carry more bikes than the narrow ones of the new model. Go figure.

    I took off the anti sway bits as they made loading a hassle, now I just use a small camping strap to secure the bike(s) to the vertical part of the rack. If it's just one bike I usually just put it further out on the bars and let it sway, it's not going anywhere and nobody tailgates you when your bike is waggin' around

    This one also bounces a bunch more than my old one but there's now way to tell if that's the rack or the new car and hitch (Honda Element). I've worked around this with a strap and buckle from a Thule strap-on rack, it's bolted to the rack and hooks to the top of the hatch. I only use it for 3 or more bikes, hauling on the highway, or dirt roads so it's not a constant hassle. It makes the rack super steady, with absoulutely no bounce. It seems like a simple thing that can make most hitch racks way better.

    This is the only rack that I could find that fit 1.25" hitch and carry four bikes. Big bonus for me.

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    I have the original Softride Access (pin-based) rack with the ski/board attachment, all purchased in 2005. While the setup is great for bikes & skis, the rubber material of the ski rack took the finish off two of my snowboards.

    Does anyone know if they are using a reformulated rubber in the Dura line? I'm in the market for a new hitch based, hanging rack (need one with narrow bars and anti-sway). Love the parallelogram design of the Softride's, but if the rubber is the same, I'll probably get a Thule.

    Edit: Received a message from Softride about this, the rubber has not been changed at all since the original Access. The only change in the Dura ski attachment was to accommodate the narrowing of the arm span (12" to 8").
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