Okay-so my new gig has me in a Dodge Caravan as my company vehicle and being that I haul all my parts tools have decided that I should haul my biek on the outside. I could just lay my bike on top of the parts, but would have to pull it out to get to the parts every stop-a bit of a pain, but security wise (its a cargo model with bars on the windows) its the best way.

I can't do a roof rack, since I have to park in lots of parking garages. Can't do hitch mount as I need ready and clear access to the rear hatch (even if it folds down, PIA).

So that leaves me with those sucker mounts or rear bike rack/strap on style. That leaves me with some fear as I lost a bike years ago from one that was locked with a cable that the thieves cut. So I am wondering what cable/locking/pitbull leashed to rear bumper options you have used successfully? I don't want to break the bank because I am most likely getting a new vehilce late this year, and I am pushing for a Transit or F150 with a shell, so it would be nice if it transfered over.