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    Good job! Seasucker (minibomber) Review

    I recently purchased the Sea Sucker Minibomber for our vehicle.
    This is my take on it.
    The thing is incredibly easy to install which makes you think you may not have done it right. It is not suction cups they are vacuum cups. That being said they hold vacuum very well. After mounting it to the car I grabbed it and shook the whole car.
    The one thing you have to consider is making sure the surface of the car and the cup are faily clean. I usually always have a soft rag in the car so that's not a problem. I was also worried that it would leave marks on the car. It does leave a mark but not a permanent mark it seems as if it's residue from the cups. I heard not to use it after a fresh wax coat. It will lift the wax and leave a ring. When storing the rack make sure to put the protective covers on the cups. They help keep them clean and free from any damage.
    The wind noise is there too depending on how it's mounted as well as the type of vehicle. (That's what the volume knob on the radio is for) As far as holding up to speed? I had to pass vehicles and I hit 90+ and not a problem. I also drove on some less than ideal roads and never had a problem. The company says you should always check the vacuum cups from time to time. That's not a problem for me, I always check the bikes at rest stops and gas stations.
    I have Thru Axles on the bikes and did not purchase the wheel holder instead I put them in the back seat or trunk.
    If anyone is on the fence about making the purchase I suggest to buy it. They are not cheap but neither are my bikes or cars.
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    I have the single mount version I use on my Mini Cooper S. It works great, I routinely do 200+ mile trips at 75mph and have had no issues. It holds well when bombing down back country roads as well. The clean mounting surface is a must. The only issue I seem to have noticed recently is that the suction doesn't like to hold in cold weather temps (30-40*). Could have been a fluke as I only tried it once a few weeks ago.

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    How are you guys liking the seasuckers so far? I'm buying a Santa Fe without rails so need something a few times a year to haul kayaks and sculling shells. I would use a bar.

    I ride 2-4 times a week so the bike goes in the back and stays there most of the year.


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    I just got mine yesterday and only did a test run. I think I will like them. I haven't mounted my MTBs on it yet but I did get the caps for the thru-axles.

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    I love the idea of this and it would be super-useful for me. But ... the fact that you can't just leave it attached to the car is a hard-and-fast deal-breaker.
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    I don't want to leave them on all of the time. I do want them to stay of when they are being used.

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