• 04-01-2010
    Is the rubber strip necessary on the thule aero bar and sidearm
    Hi all,
    As per the title, before you install the bike carriers themself, do you need to install the rubber strip on the aero bars?

    The racks tend to move about if you give them a good tug. The rubber would stop that, but the thule website refers to using the rubber strips when the rack is not in use, and id also need to cut the rubber to the correct length

    Can anyone help? Please( Meant to be making a 400 mile journey tomorrow morning!

  • 04-01-2010
    put the rubber strip wherever you don't have an accessory mounted.
    without them, you will have wind noise.
    if you've already installed the sidearm, and don't want to loosen or remove the front of it, you'll have to cut it...otherwise, you should be able to get a full strip on the front, and then cut around your xadapt9.