roof rack QR to 15mm thru, stop me from ruining something-
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    roof rack QR to 15mm thru, stop me from ruining something

    I couldnt really find any attempts to convert a QR rack to a TA 15mm mount. so i figured i'd post what ive come up with in the hopes of either A- someone pointing out and me realizing its a bad idea. or B-helping someone else out.
    I grabbed a rockymounts euro pitchfork, before i went ahead and ordered the driveshaft adapter i would see what i could come up with. The driveshaft seems to work just fie for some and others absolutely hate it from what ive read so i wasnt to excited about it, or any other adapters really.
    the pitchfork lays out with a 135mm spread, has a locking QR shaft, nice and heavy- you would need to purchase your own lock cyl tho.

    I had a few ideas, first was to just drill out the entire rack to 15mm , it probably could have been done without much effort and throw the 15mm axle in it but i wasnt quite ready to tear up brand new mount.
    the locking QR is probably about 10mm in diameter and fit a little loose in the rack. I have some spare hardware and a 3/8" bolt slides very snug through the rack housing.
    outside stanchion to stanchion is about 6" so i grabbed the next side up which was 3/8"x8", couple washers, wing nut, threaded rod coupling, rubber washers, some plastic/nylon? bushings.

    another idea i had was to put a threaded rod coupling in the middle of the rack and thread a bolt in from each side to the rack, i couldnt find a thinwall rod coupler though.
    I am still trying to find a cone shaped washer preferably in plastic to use at each stanchion end to center the smaller 3/8 bolt in the 15mm opening. the plastic spacers work perfect for keeping the steel bolt off the threads of the fork.

    as soon as i find some cone style washers they will be placed next to the stanchions and old brake caliper fits

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    They do sell adapters just for this.

    Thule Thru-Axle Adapter 15mm 53015 - Thule

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    This really makes no sense, your not happy about using an adaptor, yet you pretty much thrash a rack and make this ridiculous mount that takes more pieces, especially those nylon inserts in the drop outs. How is this better than using an adaptor? The adaptors( I speak for the Hurricane, Thule and Yakima mounts) are proven product, your solution is, you first remove the 15mm axle, insert nylon spacersinto the fork dropouts, push a bolt or threaded rod through the fork and rack, then use wing nuts to tighten it all up....its your bike and car...hope it works out for you.

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    Who, in their right mind, would want to go through this hassle everytime you transport?

    Thule SideARM rack...and be done with it! Just my .02

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    No words.

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    I agree this is way too much trouble. I got two Yakima full upright racks at the REI used gear sale $40 each. Even if you're paying for new, it's still worth it: the process you described could easily take 3-5 min. After a 100 rides, that's 300-500 min. I use my equivalent hourly wage to make such decisions. Whatever you get paid, that's an upright rack right there.

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    I just bought a driveshaft 2 months ago to use on my pitchfork rack. Works great on a Rock Shox SID axle. Clamps insanely tight, locks, and is keyed the same as the rest of my rockymounts stuff.

    Personally, i wouldn't use that contraption you've come up with.

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    Yea I made some more modifications..... for the record...

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