Hello everyone,

This topic has been touched on partially in other threads, but not exactly...

So, I just got a Subaru Impreza and I have not decided on a bike transport method, yet. I do not want to get the tie-down type of rack that would strap on to the hatch so that leaves me needing to make a decision for a roof rack or a hitch rack.

My car is the Impreza Sport and it has the factory rails and crossbars.

I have a hitch rack from my previous vehicle. The only problem I really have with installing a hitch on my car is that I can't see a good way to attach bungees to a hitch rack for added support. I guess that isn't a requirement, but it provides me with ease of mind...

I have zero experience with roof racks. I've been doing some research on them including reading the threads on this forum. I like the idea of a fork mounted rack the best, but I don't like the thought of the entire loading unloading process. I also occasionallly travel with my daughters 20" bike and I'm thinking that a roof rack would not support that. I could usually arrange the inside of the car for the 20", though.

Anyway, any input is appreciated. I need to make a decision soon. For now, I will have to transport inside the car which is not a long-term solution for me.

Thanks in advance-