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    Roof bag/box with fork mount carrier?

    We are taking a family trip up to North GA for Fools Gold and a little R&R. We have a 2007 Rabbit with the VW roof rack (uses the Thule Rapid type channel system for mounting to the bar).

    The car has limited cargo space. With me, the wife, and the infant in the back seat it is limited even further. I really need to figure a way to transport the stroller and a few other things on the rack since this will pretty much leave room for everything else to easily fit inside the car. It needs to be weather resistant so bags or boxes are my only option.

    So my question is this. Aside from the Thule bags are there any other bags out there that folks here have had good experiences with? What about hard boxes, any other good ones out there aside from Thule? Are there any other options that I should consider? I'm on a bit of a budget but on the same token I don't want to buy something that is complete crap.

    Here is the car for reference. This is an older pic. The carrier is moved further out now. Once the bike is mounted up I don't seem to have much width to work with unforunately.

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    a cargo box is going to provide you with security and will carry a load much better than a bag, however, they can blow a budget pretty fast.
    the thule tahoe bag is a nice product with good weather resistance, but like all bags, it will be resting on the roof (sunroof?)
    from a dimension standpoint, you may not have enough room for a bag and the bike...a narrower cargo box might be a better fit...

    how much room do you have between the two towers...measure the underside of the crossbar from the inside of that black plastic portion of the tower, and also measure the top of the bar, the total usable space.
    i can help you with the dimensions...

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    I just recently bought a Thule Sidekick and it's pretty decent considering the price. Definitely their budget line of cargo box. I use it for basically the same thing, except I usually keep my cycling/backpacking gear in the box, and regular luggage in the back. I think I paid about $220 for mine during a sale this past christmas, but they can be had for for under $250.

    I'm looking at it now, and I'd say if you held the box to one side, you could probably fit one bike rack. It'll be tight I'm sure and you'd have a hard time getting stuff in and out of it with a bike up there too, but that might just be the price to get the stuff out of the cabin. Sidekick is 25" wide if you have measurements of your setup.
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