I'm looking for a 4 bike hitch rack that will work with both my roadbike and my freeride bike (700x23 & 26"x2.5" tires respectfully).

I like the design of the swagman but the prices seem to have more than doubled compared to what people on this forum paid even in 2010 that I'm finding in searches - $99 for 2 bike, $200 for 4 bike, those are $160-200 and $4-500 depending on seller that I'm finding today!

Rola ProSeries Q-Slot Receiver Hitch Bike Carrier: 4-Bike - Mike's Bikes - Road and Mountain Bike Shop, components, parts, accessories, service and repair

I stumbled across this and it looks like the swagman to me, but I can't find any discussions about it here, I'm just curious as to the ground clearance on this. I will mostly be using it on my lifted 4x4 tahoe, but occasionally I would probably use it on my lowered 2wd f150 for when I need to use the bed for other cargo...

Also, it mentions it can be setup as a 2 bike carrier but I can't find a user manual to see how that works, can you just unbolt the 4 bike extension and use it as a 2 bike? That would be ideal for me, as I won't always need to haul 4 bikes, it's usually just me and 1 friend that go out, with occasionally our wives joining.