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    Rocky Mounts Driveshaft thoughts/reviews?

    After winning the Yakima King Cobra on eBay and deciding against it (after reading horrid reviews regarding the tray snapping, security, etc.), I am now thinking about investing in 2 Driveshafts for my Yakima Steelheads. I'm diggin' the extra lock feature.

    I took the front wheel off of my '11 XL Giant Anthem 29, and measured from front axle to where the rear wheel would rest on the Yakima tray, and came to just under 45". I then measured the tray, and 45" would go just beyond the length of the tray. I've heard from other people who have tried 20/15mm axle mounts that you can rotate the mount forward on the bike rack to provide a little more room out back so the rear wheel can sit in the tray more securely.

    Has anyone tried the Driveshaft yet? I'd like to hear any and all thoughts.

    BTW I have a barely used (>10 times) Yakima King Cobra with lock and key if anyone is interested.

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    I would say never even consider security to be an issue. Any tray or hitch rack lock can be easily defeated in seconds. I mean, think of locks on racks as a way to keep them from accidently popping open on the freeway... and that's it.

    Use a hardened chain, a U-Lock and a disk style lock and chain it to something solid on or in your car... not your roof rails or rack... and even then don't expect your bike to be there if left unattended for hours in any kind of populated area.

    Back when I ran roof racks, I ran a super thick cable inside through the sunroof and looped it around the passenger door handle. Now that I use a hitch rack, I lock it to the thick towing hooks under the car or around the trailer hitch bar.

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    we've had the driveshafts in the shop for a month or two and always have one on a display rack to demonstrate. it's a great product that's real benefit is that it will carry a 15mm or a 20mm thru axle, whereas the other fork up styles are specific to size.
    when using it with a 15mm t/a, you have to insert a couple of small shims, which can pop out when you remove the t/a, so it's something to keep an eye out so you don't lose them.
    there is a decent thread about locks and racks, and while i disagree that they are "useless" they do help reduce crimes of opportunity, and will generally keep honest people honest.

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    I just got one of these in the mail this week and its a bit puzzling. I have the Thule 15mm TA adapter and that holds the bike nice and secure though it doesn't lock. The Driveshaft locks, which gives me a little peace of mind, but isn't as wide as the Thule adapter which means that there isn't enough (any) resistance on the inside of the fork. What this means is that I can screw the axle all the way in and I still can't clamp it shut with the Driveshaft in place. This also means that the axle will more or less rotate freely in the rack while driving. As such, I've not used the driveshaft yet and I'm considering either sending it back or making my own set of shims to make the thing wider. Fork in question is a Fox F120 RL so its not exactly rare. A good solution for RockyMounts would be to widen the 15mm shims that come in the box, that way there is something for the TA to clamp against.

    Anyone else notice this problem?

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