• 10-19-2009
    Recommend a trunk rack for '99 Grand Am w/ spoiler?
    I've got a 1999 Grand Am with the factory spoiler on the trunk. I'm looking for a good trunk rack I can used to haul around my bike without having to worry too much.

    Basically I want something that is solid, reliable, holds at least two bikes, won't wreck my car, and won't wreck my bike.

    Oh, and my bike? It's a full-suspension, really thick frame. It's a 1999 Specialized FSR.

    Looks like this:

    Any good recommendations? Unfortunately neither a hidden hitch nor a roof rack are options.
  • 10-20-2009
    Thule and Yakima both make racks for your car. Go to their websites and enter your car information - it will come back with a list of racks that will fit your car. I think trunk mount racks only come in hanger-style so the bike hangs from the top tube - it might be hard to mount the bike centered on the rack because the top tube on the FSR is angled. Unfortunately the only platform-style racks I've seen are hitchmount.
  • 10-28-2009
    I have a 2004 Grand Am GT w/ spoiler, and use a Saris Bones 3 trunk rack. You will need a top tube adapter for your FSR.

    And yes, Saris's website says the Bones 2/3 will NOT woork with my car, but it does!

  • 10-29-2009
    Saris Guardian works well. If you can wait Thule will have their new strap on platform rack in the states sometime this winter and it will fit your car. If it were me I would wait for the Thule.
  • 10-29-2009
    this shouldn't be that hard for you to get setup.
    the thule 961xt is a 2 bike rack that will attach to your 99 grand am. it's a good rack too.
    you will probably need a frame adapter for your bike, though...as your frame won't mount well to a standard bike rack. this will create a crossbar from your seat to the stem and they are quite strong and stable, provided you don't drive like you're doing the baja 1000 while making your way to the trailhead.