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    Rack for Ocassional Use

    I am looking for a 4 bike, platform rack for ocassional use. Unfortunately, I have two jobs and do not ride nearly as much as I would like. I have a Yakima hanging rack, and it is a pain to squeeze 4 bikes on it. I usually end up removing the front wheels and storing them in the car. That presents another set os issues.

    I also want to keep the price down. This does not have to be the best rack out there. I wish I could say that I was going to use this every weekend, but that would not be realistic. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    We need to know what you drive and what kind of rack you'd prefer. I don't use a rack, but I'd personally want to use a rack that slides into a 2" receiver.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wilonpill View Post
    We need to know what you drive and what kind of rack you'd prefer. I don't use a rack, but I'd personally want to use a rack that slides into a 2" receiver.
    the op stated he is looking for a 4 bike platform rack to replace a 4 bike hang style rack...meaning he is looking for a hitch mounted rack.

    the question is - does the op have a 2" receiver - because any 4 bike platform rack will only work on a 2" receiver (class III or greater).

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    It is a Saturn Vue, with a Class III 2" receiver.

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    Take a look at Raxxter racks. I have a 4-bike platform rack from them that is reasonably priced and works really well. You can fit 4 bikes on it without any banging, rubbing, etc. It is a 2-bike rack with a 2-bike extension that bolts on. One downside is that it's heavy to move around and mount unless you unbolt the two sections and mount them one at a time. I'm too lazy so I just keep it bolted together and horse it around while grunting a lot. Another thing that some might consider a downside is each bike requires attaching 4 velcro straps. No big deal to me, but other rack designs are probably quicker to load the bike.

    If you want a really slick, modular rack, look at 1upUSA. They are single-bike modules that bolt together quickly. Each section folds up for easy storage on a shelf or wherever. I think 4 of these will set you back over $800 though.

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    Cheapest option may be the Swagman XTC 4

    I have the XC-2, and have been happy with it. It's a budget rack, so don't expect Thule T2 quality, but it gets the job done.

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    If price isnt' an issue, I'd consider one of the Kuat racks. I haven't taken a close look but I seem to recall that they fold up pretty tightly and are light weight. That's two things I'd want in an occasional use rack I would be taking on and off a lot.

    I have a truck now and that works well. Before I had a couple of SUVs and just left a Thule T2 on all the time. It's a good rack but doesn't fold up tightly and is a bit heavy.

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