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    Rack Damaged Trunk Latch

    I think my trunk mounted rack damaged the trunk latch on my car. I had my bike and a friend's walmart bike on there today, and I needed to get my lock out of the trunk. Usually if it's just my bike it's no big deal. But with both bikes (and this walmart bike probably weighed 40lbs) it was extremely difficult to open the trunk. I held it open and got the lock, but when I tried to close it the rack had shifted and the trunk wouldn't close. I didn't want to take the bikes off, so I had my friend hold the trunk down while I tried to push the rack with bikes back up. It sort of worked, and I got the trunk to close and latch eventually.

    When I got home and took my bike off, I noticed that the trunk didn't close right any more. I tried a few times, and it latched but it stays loose, and there's maybe 1/4" of play in the trunk when it's closed now, but it was solid before. I looked at the latching mechanism, and it looks like it has two positions, partly latched and fully latched, and it will no longer stay in the fully latched position.

    I drive an 07 Civic, and the rack is a Yakima King Joe 3. I've had 3 bikes on there before with no major problems (besides bouncing like crazy and sounding like it is rubbing off the paint), so I don't think the weight of the walmart bike is what did it. It must have been trying to force the trunk closed when the rack was in the way.

    I guess the best option is to take the car to the dealer to get a replacement trunk latch. I couldn't find the part online to do the work myself, so hopefully getting it replaced doesn't take too much time and money at the dealer.

    As a result of this, I'm going to switch to a hitch rack for sure. I was looking at the 1up rack for a while but it was hard to pay so much (I need to get a hitch too) when what I have is good enough. Now the old rack is no longer good enough!

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    It turns out the trunk latch is fine, I think, but the latching point (looks like a D shaped ring at the bottom of the trunk opening near the bumper) got pulled out of adjustment. It was easy to get back in place, and the trunk seems to close properly now. I'm still not going to use that rack any more though! U-haul quoted me $174 for a hitch installed, which sounds fair. I thought about doing it myself, but working under the back of the car sounds like a pain, and I think I'd rather just pay the $50 and have someone do it for me.

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