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    ProRack hitch platform

    Does anyone have experience with this rack? It is made by Yakima and seems really affordable and has what I'm looking for (elastomer straps, doesn't clamp the top-tube, mast can fold down)...I've found it for $140 and am just seeing if anyone has opinions/expierence wit this rack before I pull the trigger

    2-Bike Hitch Mount Platform | Prorack

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    I have this rack. It's a good rack and I like it a lot better than the Swagman XC rack. (didn't know prorack was made by yakima?). I have looked at several racks before choosing this one. I am happy with it. Plus it's black to it matches my car.

    However, it does take about 5-7 minutes to get the bike on and off for me. There are 3 pins you have to pull to fold the 3 arms down so that you can place you bike on the rack. You then have to put up the center arm back up, pin it. Then there are the 2 wheels straps that you have to hook up. (better safe than sorry I guess). You just have to secure your pedals to prevent it from scratching your bumper. (Or just place the bike on the far end of the rack).

    Also, the rack comes with a bolt for the hitch. If you don't have any power tools, expect to take some time to bolt that thing in. The threads on that bolt is way too much.

    I have it on my 1 1/2 in hitch. No rattles, slight wobbles which is expected. I have a stabilizer strap for my car to help with it. Still wobbles slightly though.

    There is a video review of it on Amazon. Customer Reviews: Prorack 2-Bike Hitch Platform

    I'll try to take some pics with my bike on it later.

    edit: I just weigh this rack and it's no more than 25 pounds. No where near the 40 pounds listed in the description on Amazon.

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