i recently purchased a larger size bike from a buddy of mine that happens to have thru axles. So i purchased the Thule adapter at my LBS for my jetline.

i was able to attach it for first time use yesterday. once i hit about 50mph i noticed the adapter is now leaning towards the rear. i susepcted i just needed to lighten a little bit more to keep straight up. after my ride i tried tightening more to keep in place however the key lock would no longer lock. it was tight, and took some pressure to close it but i was still doing this with only one hand. i had to keep loosening it till i found spot which i could successfully turn key while locked. on way home it once again leaned to the rear almost to point it could touch the jetline. i am concerened that its not tight enough since its moving.

My jetline mount with QR lock is about a year old but only used a handful of times. QR lock has always been kept inside the car when not in use.

should i be concerend with this? should it be tight enough to remain in place at 50-60mph?