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    Pickup help

    I am moving within 2 months and will not have access to a vehicle to transport my bike. I am thinking about trading in my mach 1 for a pickup. Cant take the mustang on anything that isn't paved and definitely cannot fit my mountain bike in it.
    Also i think I've had enough of loud, unusable, scrape over speed bumps cars for a while and would like to experience a truck and the off-roading scene for a while until i can afford another sports car.

    I am looking to spend around $13k to $15k and i am leaning toward a ranger.
    are these good trucks? what engine is most reliable? I also want a manual and obviously 4wd. What kind of things should i look out for when buying one of these trucks? I would appreciate it if someone with some experience and knowledge on rangers could chime in and share their advice and experiences.

    Should i maybe consider other trucks? I dont care much about luxuries as i do utility which is why i am looking at the ranger and also brings down the price but i am not exactly set on rangers.

    Thanks for reading and i would love to read your experiences with trucks!

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    Consider a Tacoma as well...

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    1995-2001 Tacoma.
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    The Ranger is a great truck.

    I have the Mazda equivalent (B4000) with 4 wheel drive and the 4.0L motor with a little over 200k on it. It runs great.

    All of the motors are good, my dad has ~240k on a 3.0L with no issues and a friend's 2.5L just died with around 300k on it. The timing belt broke, it had never been changed.

    Coming from sports cars I'm guessing this probably won't be an issue, but gas mileage with the 4.0 and four wheel drive is terrible. I can get 18mpg on the highway if I baby it. Usually get 16-17. Mine is the older OHV version though, the SOHC is supposed to do a bit better.

    The Tacoma is a great truck and probably wins in reliability and gas mileage, to me the Ranger is more fun to drive.
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    Tacoma ftw
    Lynn Woods:yikes:
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    I really like tacomas but they are a bit more expensive and want to get something that is a little newer than my car (04) or at least same year.
    Wow i didnt know gas mileage could be so bad even on a small pickup. Even though i got about 25ish mpg highway in my mustang its really not a deal breaker because i don't drive enough for it to matter.
    I might go into the dealer sometime next week and see what they offer me for my car and what kind of rangers they got sitting around.
    Thanks a lot for the input!

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    I have a '04 tacoma with the 2.7l 4 cylinder motor. I get around 25 mpg on the highway with it. I bought the truck new in 2004 and have only replaced the battery. The exhaust is getting changed this week. Not bad for a 8 year old vehicle. It does what I want it to do. I can't ask for anything more from it.

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    Don't forget the Nissan Frontier. You can usually find a crew cab for less than an extended Tacoma, and the extra doors/space is nice.

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    If you're going to get crappy mileage in a Ranger anyway, why not get a full size truck and at least benefit from the added utility? I get 18-19 on the highway with my 1999 Suburban.

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    I had a '99 4x4 Ranger with the 3.0 motor and now have an '11 4x4 Ranger with the 4.0 motor now. They are great trucks and very reliable from my experience. On the '99, I had installed a lift and 33" tires. My current truck will get the same treatment soon. The gas mileage isn't that bad on my 4.0. Overall, I love my truck. When looking for a smaller truck, I was also considering a Chevy Colorado or GMC's equivalent, the Canyon. I went with the Ranger instead because I'm more familiar with it. They are so simple to work on! Plus, a dealer that was somewhat local to me had exactly what I wanted. White, 4x4, Automatic, 4.0, power everything, etc...

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    Ranger's a good truck but very dated and "truck like." If you can live with the cramped cabin and old truck ride it's a good way to go. I was recently in the market for a little pickup and ended up buying a Chevy Colorado with a 5 cylinder motor. It gets better mileage than sixes, as good as many fours but with more power. It rides and drives nicer than the Ranger and has a much roomier cabin. (it's more of a mid-sized truck like the Dodge Dakota than a compact like the Ranger and old S-10.

    I would've liked a Tacoma but they're expensive and hard to find used. I got a real good deal on the Colorado which made a difference. Test drive one if you can find one that suits you and see what you think!


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    I was going to say go for an Chevy S-10 with the 4.3l but it looks like you are looking for a newer truck.

    Just be sure you are into driving a truck before pulling the trigger, its going to be a huge change from your 'stang.

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