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    OT Subaru Outback

    Im looking at buying an 07 Outback but after reading some of the reviews on carREVIEW.com I thought I would ask here. I did a search but didnt see a lot of info on late model Outbacks.I currently own a 97 Nissan pickup reg cab with 219k of trouble free miles. Its been a great vehicle but its time for something more comfortable(Im 6'2") and the Outback 2.5i basic fits my needs. thanks for any help.

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    We have an 03 baja (same platform as the outback) that has had zero problems in 65,000 miles. Love the car, you don't see many unhappy subaru owners.
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    So what exactly is your question? is it a good car? and how can they have reviews on the '07? the car is barely out.

    I had one for 10,000 miles. It was a great car, and I had zero problems. I would buy another if it fit me.

    forget carReview--it's like looking for relationship adivice on CraigsList. the only reputable source of car info is the year end consumer reports guide and Carfax. both available at your local library.

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    Why buy an 07? get a used 06. That way you dont pay the depreciation. I never understood why people buy brand new cars. The car suffers a huge amount of depreciation as soon as you leave the lot and it becomes a "used" car.

    As far as the outback goes, great cars, well built, no more headgasket issues like the older outbacks. there is not much Not to like.

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    I have a 2003 or 4. I have 169,000 km.

    I had a head gasket blow, and an rear oil seal go.

    They don't like 5 hours plus at 120 km/h.

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    I bought a used Forester over the Outback b/c It has a little more interior room, and my bike fits in the back w/ the seat down. It's been a great car for the 3 yrs I've owned it. Love the all wheel drive......rain, snow, mud....no problem.

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    Well I'm on my second Subaru Outback. I had a 1998 model which I leased, then I got a 2001 model which I still own. 50K trouble free miles on the 98, and 80K trouble free miles on the 2001. The only time I've taken my 2001 model into the dealer was because a light stopped working on the seat heater button, and I wouldn't have bothered with that but it was still under warranty. So I would say the Subaru is a very reliable car. They get decent gas mileage for their size and permanent AWD. The only outstanding issue I've had was after about 3 years the clutch would shutter when the the temperature was cold. After some research I found out that the friction material that Subaru used in the clutch was a little too hard causing this shutter. The plus side is the clutch should last longer. They have apparently fixed this issue in newer models. Only other negative is I wish the back seat had a little more room. Good thing about Subaru's is they basically just keep incrementally improving their product. Subaru is basically using the same 2.5L Boxer engine they've used since the early 90s. Its now even available in a Turbo. I'm definitely getting another Outback when I wear this one out. But at this rate that will be another 5 years.

    You should be able to pick up a new Subaru Outback for less than invoice at this time of year. Just do your research and read this website (http://www.carbuyingtips.com/). The guy who runs this site goes a little overboard, but he has a lot of useful information. Car buying has changed a lot since you bought your '97. At all costs don't walk into a dealership without contacting the dealership through the Internet first.

    I don't want to go into the merits of buying new vs used. Just don't think of a car as an investment and don't buy a car you can't afford. I think new is fine if you plan to keep the car for a long time, which it sounds like you do.

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    Second Legacy wagon here; first a low mileage '97 and now an '05. I like the Legacy for the lower ride and sportier handling over the Outback, but essentially the same vehicle.

    First one suffered a cracked radiator at around 100k miles, and a rebuilt engine at 160k or so due to a screw up due to my stupidity. But the car was damn reliable and a good friend bought it from me and, well, we're still friends.

    The '05 only has 40k on it but it's been great. Cruise control problem specific to the manual transmission models that took Subaru a while to figure out, but now that that's solved, it's a charm.

    Really well-rounded vehicle with great snow handling, beautiful bike hauler, great creature comforts, and even long enough to sleep in from time to time.
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    I have an 06 Outback LLBean. It is a great car in most respects but I'm 5'10 and I find the footwell a bit cramped. It's actually my wife's primary car. She is 5'1 and loves it. It At 6'2, make sure you spend some time driving it and sitting in it to make sure it'll be comfortable on long trips.

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    Got an 06'

    I've been driving an 06 since April, great car. Had the WRX before that.
    Like mentioned before, don't bother w/ the 07'. Right now, you can get a killer deal on an 06. I did the 'internet sales department' thing, and I got mine 3000 below sticker, in and out in 1 hour. You send bid reqeusts via a website to several dealers in your area that participate, and they email you a quote. You CANNOT walk on the lot & talk to anyone but the internet guy. But I test drove it, signed stuff & made it back to work on my lunch. And that was with a trade. We actually negotiated the trade via email, too (this was my deciding factor in which dealer I went with). No haggling w/ the sales person then the manager then the finance guy....
    I am 6' and actually scoot the seat up some. I like my arms to be comfy more than my legs, all personal preference.
    Have you looked at the Honda Element? My brother just got one...a bikers/outdoor persons dream! He's got AWD, and the seats fold totally out of the way. You can put 2 bikes standing up side by side inside in like 5 seconds! And the inside floors all are rubber mats, so no worries.
    I don't think it has the ground clearance of the Suby, tho.
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    If buying new, I hope you are going to use the IMBA Member discount. You'd be crazy not to use it. Or join, wait 6 months and save a few grand.

    I have an '04 LLBean Outback. Love it. Saved $3200 w/ the IMBA deal. A friend in the car biz said the price I got could have been negoiated, but it would have taken a great deal of time.

    Good car for the MTB lifestyle.

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