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    Options for truck bed bike rack?

    What options out there for a bike rack for a truck bed?

    Only thing I can find is this...http://www.orsracksdirect.com/sportw...bike-rack.html

    I would like the options to include, if possible.....

    1. Hold more than one bike
    2. Lock the bikes from theft
    3. DON'T have to take the front wheel off.

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    The best thing for theft prevention in an open truck bed is a locking fork mount. It's not perfect, but you have to be pretty serious about stealing a bike to defeat one. If you absolutely don't want to remove the front wheel, find a way to attach the cable lock directly to the truck. As for stabilizing the bike, I tried the Sportworks Insta-gator and wasn't too impressed. Plain old tie-downs are much more secure, although they take longer to set up.

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    Presently I have two 2x4's bolted to the top of the bed rails with fork mounts. I use Krypto cables and U-lock to lock the bikes to the welded tie downs in the bed. I've used this setup since I got the truck in '99 and like it. However, I'm looking at getting a hitch rack like the Sportworks or Raxter. The only decision is how much I want to spend on the new rack.

    I've thought about getting the upright trays and just bolt them to my 2x4's, and I haven't totally thrown that idea out yet.
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    Right now I have been using tie downs and a 5/8 krypto cable/lock through the frame of the bike. But I usually lay the bike down against my truck bed and secure it to the inside wall of my truck bed. But im about to add another bike and don't want both of them layting down. Getting them to stand up in my truck bed with just tie downs is not easy.

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    I've been using an instagator for a couple of years, and, while I like it, I don't like the fact that it doesn't lock and that I have to take the entire rack out of the bed and hide it in the cab while riding. However, there might just be a solution. I was reading in Mountain Bike about the "SlikFit FatAxle" that attaches to a regular roof type mount but accepts all 20mm thru axles. The beauty is that you can lock it. Now you just have to fit a roof type rack in the bed of your truck!

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    Cheap and simple.

    Well I have a cheap solution for 1 and 2 but unfortunately it won't allow you to keep your front wheel on the bike. I have a 97 Chevy full sized truck and in the bed there are notches on the sides where you can lay three boards. I assume it's so you can kind of create a raised second 'floor'. I had an old 2"x8" board that I cut to fit squarly in the notches. I bought two fork mounts for $6.00 each and and used three large screws each to secure them to the board. I used wood glue on the screws to make it hard for theives to remove them. I could have bought locking fork mounts for around $12.00 each but they were not in stock. There's enough room on the board to add a total of 4 mounts but sadly I only have one friend in the world so I only needed two. Boo hoo! I use a cable lock to secure the wheels to the board which is much better than putting a dirty, muddy wheel in my extended cab. When my wife rides with me I put her in the back and the wheel up front with me as I do have my priorities straight. Don't want my wheel to get bent out of shape; my wife already is. I know this doesn't solve all three of your requests but it's cheap, easy to build, holds quite a few bikes, and is easy to install, remove, and store. I'll post a pic just as soon as my wife (who's been unknowingly over my shoulder) stops beating me.

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    It takes care of 1 and 3 and a simple cable will take care of 2.

    It's a slightly different version of the PVC rack that I'm sure you have seen people sporting around here.

    How it sits normally.

    And how It sits when it the truck transporting. It supports the bikes better in this position.

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