not many companies like this anymore!-
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    not many companies like this anymore!

    to make a long story short a little over a year ago i broke part of my bike rack while trying to mount my road bike, the next day i called saris and told them about what had happend, there reply was send it in with a given number and we will send a new one out to you. the next day while on my road bike i was hit by a 12 year old who had stolen a car- i went through months of pt, and back problems.... long story short after a year i get cleared to start riding my bike again, so i hook up my bones three rack and head to the bike shop to buy a new bike with the insurance money from my old bike. i had completly forgot about the broken rack, so i decided to just email there customer service person about the broken rack. with that i asked if i could buy new straps because mine were getting kinda old-

    the responce i got was dont worry about sending the part in, i will be sending you out a new arm and straps no charge, keep riding!

    that was it, not back and forth, no sending it in {which i would have been ok with} no problems, it was a simple reply, what part broke and where should i send it! i have never had an easer time with a company- i will be using saris for years to come-

    Rachel Horstman at saris thankyou so much for the help and fast replys- it will not be forgotten!

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    They're a great company...I really love my Saris Thelma rack.

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    From my experiences dealing with Saris for the last 15 years this is a common thing for them.

    I too love my Thelma...

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    I cracked a Turner frame and called about a replacement. I mentioned I was a little bummed out about missing a riding event coming up in a few days. One hour later Dave Turner himself called me and told me to go to my LBS the next day to drop off my old frame. He had them swap all my parts over at no charge.
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