Owning a Santa Cruz Nomad for some time now, I decided I love the bike so much I am going to take it with me on vacation. (now that's a good relationship test...).

As my roof is already packed with windsurfing stuff, I am looking for a trunk mounted car rack and have pretty much decided to go for a Saris Bones RS or Saris Bones 3. Although the RS is not cheap, I like the fact that there are only two straps in stead of six, which furthermore are also steel-belted and lockable. So easier installation and more secure..

My question is whether anyone on this forum has ever attached a Nomad on one of the Saris trunk mounted car racks or on any other trunk mounted rack? I am specially interested in the compatibility of the Nomad top-tube with such a rack and related to this the need or not to use an adaptor bar between the stem and seat tube, creating a virtual straight top tube.

Thank you in advance!!