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    New Truck.

    It's time for a new truck. I have been looking at the new Tacoma and Frontier (both very nice) and have just one issue. Since I will be using the truck for work I will need to put a topper (cap, bubble etc) on it to keep things dry and out of sight. I was hoping to build some sort of rack to mount a pair of Thule V2 carriers to and carry 2 bikes in the back of the truck but am not sure if there will be enough space. Does anyone currently transport bikes in a smaller truck with a topper on it?



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    just get a hitch rack and you will be set......

    recommend the Thule
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    Check out the new Car and Biker forum.

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    I used to have an 02 Frontier...never used a shell, but I had a single Yakima fork mount bolted into the right rear corner. I would clamp one bike into the fork mount, secure another bike right next to it and facing the opposite direction, and leave a little over half the bed for other stuff.
    Also, the new Frontier has a huge bed. Looks like it's at least 6" bigger than my old one in all directions. And the new Tacos and Frontiers come with all kinds of bed tie-down options...get a set of tie-downs and you could probably carry 2 bikes any way you want plus a pile of stuff in the back, even with the shell on.
    Another option might be to get one of those sliding tonneau covers and put a tower/crossbar/trough setyp above it. I've seen that kind of thing on a few trucks, don't know how functional it is, but it looks cool. Hitch mounts sound great too, but I've never been into them...the idea of getting rear-ended with my baby on the back freaks me out.

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    Pretty sure it can be done, but you will def. have to take the front wheels off, and maybe drop the seatpost, dep. on your ride.

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    Keep It Simple...

    A friend of mine has an 04 Fronteer with a cap and has a pair of these... ...mounted to a piece of scrap 2x12 cut to the width of the bed. Most times he has the bikes mounted facing rearward for easy access but for trips that require space for more stuff (camping etc) he mounts a third fork mount on a seperate board so the bikes are facing opposite directions to open up more space up the side.

    I use the same method in the rear of a minivan and plan to put a cap on my Dakota PU soon and will do the same...nice and simple .

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    I have a Ranger with a hard tonneau, way less space than a cap. I can carry two bikes fine by removing the front wheels and carefully laying the bikes on their sides. Not the best but it works.
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    We had an '05 Frontier Crew-Cab until last June when we traded it for a new Element (hated the Frontier's poor gas mileage, but it was a great truck!). The Crew-Cab bed is REALLY short, and a mtn bike just barely fits straight in with the front wheel off. I used a Delta device that clamped the forks on two bikes side-by-side at the rear of the bed, right next to the tailgate (less than 1" away). With this type of setup, or anything similar, there's no way to have a cab-high topper on too. The handlebars are too wide to fit under a topper, unless you can figure out some clever way to overlap the bars (couldn't do this with ours) and have the two bikes right next to each other in the middle of the bed.

    With a topper, you would have to remove the front wheels, and then lay the bikes down, like one on each side of the bed. Maybe use old blankets or something for padding.

    The King Cab bed is longer, so you may have more options if you want a King Cab.

    The factory tie-down thingys can be converted to clamp a fork, but you will still have the interference issues I mentioned above.

    Best to take your bike(s) to the dealer with you, and see if they will let you experiment with possible options. Good luck!

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    They make a Frontier Crew cab with the long bed now too. Nissans are the best. Get a frontier! It's only a super-awesome website for a super-awesome store. Just click it. I dare you.

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