New car dillemma-
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    New car dillemma

    Do I get one or not, is the dillemma. I have had the same 1994 Toyota pickup truck since it was brand new off the lot. 12.5 years later, and 192k miles later, it is still running pretty good. I am in the position where I *think* I could afford a car payment on something newer. The thing is, do I really want payments again? Trying to decide. I have a longtime GF (well, 2.5 years) so I am not looking to impress any girls

    Just cant decide when to pull the trigger. I have been like this for a couple years now. BTW truck has been relatively pain free. On my 2nd clutch, 2nd or 3rd radiator, change the oil regulary etc etc.

    Anyone else in this sort of dillemma as well? Maybe I should just run it into the ground, save the cash. I dunno.

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    There is always a use for a truck(house work and hauling stuff around). So, if I was in your shoes, keep the truck since it's paid off and buy something different. Something sporty or fuel efficient car for commuting, etc. if that is your thing. Now if your set on another truck, save your money until the truck completely dies on you.
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    When the repairs for your truck are almost equal to the payments for a new vehicle it's time to buy. As for your say you "think" you can afford a payment and since I don't know how you mean this I suggest you don't buy a new vehicle till you're absolutely sure you can afford the payment. Repo sucks.

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