New bike transport - Colorado ZR2-
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    New bike transport - Colorado ZR2

    I'm super-stoked to have dedicated bike transportation after 6 years. I have a two-seater from long back. Bought an SUV after getting married and having a baby. Baby is 6yo now. I would rarely travel for biking because I didn't want to steal the family car and leave the family stranded at home.

    This thing should take us on all kinds of adventures, but me to the trails too.

    I need a better bike rack. I pulled this one out of the attic and the foam is starting to crack on the frame supports. It'll do for now. I'd like to get a unit that holds two bikes but can expand to 4. The one-piece, 100lb 4-bike racks are not impressing me...

    New bike transport - Colorado ZR2-20180519_190321.jpg

    New bike transport - Colorado ZR2-20180519_190254.jpg

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    Nice ride! Were doing the one car thing now too so Ive decided to just focus on TrainerRoad. Hoping the Ranger Raptor is stateside by the time I am able to get another truck and adventure like you mentioned.

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    Nice ride! I had a '16 Colorado Z71 for awhile, but traded it in on an Outback when we had our little kiddo. Opted to keep the toy (WRX wagon) instead - though I would love to get in another Colorado again at some point.

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    This one's more kitted out than I care for, but the Colorado is on my list for the future. Looks like it'll be awhile, so I suppose the new Ranger will eventually be on that list, too. I have a feeling I'll wind up with a camper shell. I REALLY like being able to fit bikes inside my little Honda, and I'd like to be able to do the same with a pickup truck. Keep the bikes out of the salt spray on winter roads. Out of sight during transport. Easy to pull a camper as well as haul bikes.

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    For this one, the sport bar and lights were not something I'd opt for, but this one was priced $6k below MSRP so I took it how it was. The lift and tires are part of the factory ZR2 package, as are front and rear electronic locking differentials.

    That bar has grown on me and everyone seems to like it, but it still has to go. My wife wants to be able to haul around her paddle boards so I'll have to get a proper bed-mounted ladder rack like the thule x-porter. We'll get a cargo box as well since she can stack two boards on a single mount and we can place soft goods above for camping.

    Although I am also considering a camper shell with a shell-mounted rack for the paddle boards. Too many decisions

    The Ranger Raptor should be awesome too. I sure hope it comes state-side.

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    Love those ZR2s, good choice. Gas or diesel?

    Im counting the years until my kids are out of rear-facing car seats so I can get a mid-size truck!

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    I have a 2015 Colorado Z71, and I actually came here trying to figure out if there are new options that I'm not thinking of. I want to be able to lock my bike up well enough that I'd feel safe leaving it in my truck at work so I can stop at a trail and ride on my way home.

    I've thought about a hard folding tonneau and leaving it laying underneath the cover, if it would fit like that. I just have the 5ft bed also.

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    I have a 5' bed 15' canyon. My hightower will not fit in it laying down and my 800m bars stick up above the bed. I use a dakine tailgate pad for most of the stuff i do around town. I also drilled 4 holes and I have fork mounts in the front bed rail. fwiw i have a pretty decent bike lock setup and I still will never let my two nice bikes sit on my truck out of my sight. My crappy beater bikes sure, but i'm too paranoid in socal to let my enduro rig sit anywhere but right in front of me.

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