New Bike Hauler--Mercury Mariner Hybrid-
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    New Bike Hauler--Mercury Mariner Hybrid

    We picked up an '08 Mariner Hybrid two weeks ago and I put the bike on it for the first time yesterday. It is taller than the Outback, and therefore harder to lift my 40 pound bike on and off so I plan on getting a hitch mount before summer. It was nice that I could recycle my Yakima Low Riders off the Subaru and not need to buy new Q-clips or anything.

    The first tank of gas clocked in at 30.8mpg which I'm pretty happy with for being a green engine (so to speak ). I'm expecting closer to 35mpg in the summer with a broken in engine/driver. I really enjoy trying to milk every bit I can out of a gallon of gas, so while it isn't as EXCITING to drive as the turbo Outback, it is more engaging--especially in city driving.

    Are there any other Escape Hybrid or Mariner Hybrid owners out there in MTBR-land?

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    To bring back an old thread, I just joined your ranks. I picked up an 08 Escape Hybrid two days ago. Can't comment on my MPG's yet, as I've only burned 1/5 of a tank since bringing it home. It's broken in already though, so I don't have to wait for that. Read up on "hypermiling" and I'm going to try to apply some of those techniques.

    How's yours been working out for you?

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    I have the equivalent Ford, a 2007 Escape Hybrid AWD. It just turned 25k miles and lifetime mpg are about 32mpg. Pretty satisfied overall, although somewhat lacking in power coming from a Subaru WRX wagon. I have both hitch and roof mounts on the FEH and surprisingly there seems to be no observable mileage penalty for carrying one bike on the roof in a Yakima Boa mount.

    BTW, other hybrid forums have reported that the 4wd fuse on the FEH can be pulled to increase mileage about 10% with fwd only. I haven't experimented with that yet, but it would also apply to the MMH.

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