Need Opinions On Hitch Rack for '14 VW Jetta-
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    Need Opinions On Hitch Rack for '14 VW Jetta

    Wife just got a new 2014 Jetta sedan.

    We installed a Curt 1 1/4" receiver.

    We put the Thule T2 we have(2" receiver w/Reese 2" to 1 1/4" reducer).

    The receiver sits pretty is install correctly.

    With the reducer(adds 7" to length of rack tongue) and the rack installed, the bottom of the T2 tongue scrapes on speed bumps and driveways.

    Here are a couple of options:

    1. Get a T2 w 1 1/4" receiver and loose the reducer, putting the rack 7" closer to bumper.

    2. Get a Yakima Holdup. It appears that the tongue is arched to help elevate the rack.

    Roof rack is not an option. Hanging style hitch racks are not an option.

    Anybody have any suggestions on a tray style rack that has a short tongue length?
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    I have a 2011 jetta with curt receiver as well and don't want a roof or trunk rack either

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    Not sure about the tongue length vs the others but I have a Kuat NV on a '14 GTI (I'm pretty sure its lower than Jetta) and haven't had issues. If I hit taller speedbumps too fast it'll hit very rarely but usually it's not an issue.

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    Having a shorter length would definitely help, as would any rise built in.
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    I have an '06 Jetta with the aftermarket 1 1/4" Reece hitch or something similar. Just bought a Yakima 2 bike cradle type carrier for it and works good so far, the upslope of the arm helps with ground clearance which is no problem. Yakima says not to use an adapter or extension but I am using the 1 1/4" to 2" adapter, and other than the little bit of slop in the extension no problem.

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    I had a similar problem with a dog step. It sat so low that it would scrape just going up a driveway. I ended up getting riser kit, but since it just has a slip pin lock, I also had to buy a stabilizer for it. But it works great.

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    I use a swagman XC2. 1 1/4 is the standard size (adapter for 2" comes with it) and it seems pretty good as it bends up. In backing out of this space there was a steep up and dragged on the way our. However it was not the rack, but the hitch that hit first. The rack cleared.

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    One of my neighbors trashed his T2 (part that goes into the 2" receiver) and a local shop was able to weld on a new one. That got me thinking--maybe you can have your local fab shop cut and weld up a 1.25" with a rise. Not sure on what that would cost...

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    We have a Kia Soul with a Curt 1 1/4 hitch. I went with the Kuat Sherpa. We just drove over 1500 miles with it and had zero problems.
    For 27# it was the best decision for us when traveling with our Kia. I use my T2 with the XTR add on for rough/dirt roads and taking 4 bikes. BTW Before we bought the Kuat I tried the rise adapter as pictured above and it would drag also.
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    Is it lower than this?

    I take speedbumps slow with the bike rack on, but the suspension is too stiff to try and launch over them in any case (like I could with my WRX). I also take curbs/driveways/entrances at angles, because if I don't, the front may scrape, which causes me to never scrape the rear, since I'm already being cautious. I don't leave the rack on though and the receiver does angle up a bit, which is helpful.
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    1Up USA, besides being the finest rack out there, angles up quite a bit- there is no chance of scraping it on our Golf. Pricey and not as sleek as a Kuat, but an outstanding rack.

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