Is a Mustang too crazy to be used as a bike hauler?-
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    Is a Mustang too crazy to be used as a bike hauler?

    I'm probably moving to DFW in a few months, and probably will have only a car at the beggining. I'm really dying for a Mustang, but I don't know if using a Rack would be an option. I don't think we would be taking the bike every weekend, maybe every other weekend, so I don't know if using a rack is good. I have a Knolly Endorphin and my wife a Spec Saphire.

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    Hitch mount. Looks like there's a lot of different hitch adapters you can get for a mustang depending on year/trim level. I'd much rather use a hitch rack than try to get anything on a mustang's trunk lid or rear hatch.
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    I had a custom hitch on my EVO IX when it was my bike hauler.

    If you race, a small box trailer can be used to haul race tires (for the car) for the track.

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    Get a couple of Seasuckers so you can use them on any car in the future rather than invest in a hitch and rack for a Mustang that you may only have for a short time.

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    Here are my thoughts on a standard sedan as a MTB car. As background, I drove a BMW 335i for 3 years, using a trunk rack before trading it in for a Subaru Outback.

    Yes, it will work. That said, anything will work with enough patience.

    I used a trunk rack but a hitch rack would have been much more useful. The problem with a trunk rack, for me, other than the damage to the trunk, was that the trunk then became completely unusable. So my dirty, stinky, gear ended up inside the car with me and that trashed the inside. Dirt, mud, water, and sweat in a 10 year old Ford F150 may be OK but I didn't like trashing the interior of my $45,000 car every time I rode. Will you be able to throw your gear in the trunk of your Mustang with the hitch rack on?

    The next issue may seem minor but it was a problem for me. A sedan, particularly a two-door, has no room to sit and change. You're basically going to be sitting on the passenger seat to change shoes/shorts and that further messes up the inside of the car. Also, I do like to hang out after a ride, log the ride, chat, etc. And unless I brought a chair, it wasn't comfortable. With my subaru, I pop the hatch and sit on the back deck in the shade. Couldn't do that with my BMW.

    Then there's the issue of low ground clearance. My local trails all have paved parking lots but most of the destination trails I travel to (Pisgah, Dupont, Jake/Bull, Pinhotis, Coldwater, etc.) are gravel lots that can get rutted. I don't think it would have been an issue 95% of the time but I do like having higher ground clearance and NEVER having to worry about ruts, gravel, mud, or water. Plus, I like to be able to pull onto unpaved spots to park in the shade or near our pit, etc.

    So with those thoughts, I ditched the Bimmer and was looking for an SUV or pickup. But I often drive 140 miles a day for work so I wanted something more comfortable than a pickup and not a big as an SUV. I opted for the Outback and absolutely love it.

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    I use a Scion FRS and sometimes pickup my buddy so we've got two bikes & gear. So no, it's not crazy to use a Mustang. A hitch type rack will make it a lot easier. Towels and tarps to keep interior clean. Have a change of clothes and shoes.

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    Nope. Saw a Tesla with a hitch rack on it recently.

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    Had a receiver on my 2010 camaro SS, if anything, combined with the front strut brace and other suspension mods, probably made for a stiffer and more dialed chassis. Unless you were standing right behind it and knew where to look, you'd never know it was there. Didn't stick out or anything. I have a receiver on my 2016 bmw 4 series (good Mtb car with the rear hatch) and it's completely conceiled behind the fascia and crash bumper, nothing is visible when I have the adapter and rack off.

    Thing is too, if you are worried about ground clearance, on a low car you have to realize you'll stuff the air damn and front end into a dip/grade change before the rear of the car gets there, so you already have to be taking things at angles and not entering places you aren't sure you can get out of. Ended up as a non-issue on the SS due to this.
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