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    Mustang bike rack

    Go ahead and get the Mustang and noob jokes out of the way... I'm used to it.
    I have a 96 GT as a DD and looking for a rack. Most of the places I've looked say it won't fit once I enter the vehicle model and the ones that do are pretty pricey. I did some digging on here and saw the "seasucker" but my roof and trunk are plastidipped so those won't work. I'm wondering if it thinks I have a spoiler because I don't. Am I correct in that assumption? Or is there some weird reason they won't work?
    Someone suggested a roof rack or hitch mount but I want something easily removable because it will be going on a different car when I get mine painted next year.

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    Hitch Rack (1up) -- just get a hitch on whatever you buy next. Easy trunk access and no paint damage and as long as your vehicle can have a hitch, it will work on the next one. If you get a bones or whatever it may or may not be compatible with your next vehicle. If you are getting into MTBs then your next vehicle is probably a Subaru, and they take hitches.
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    Re: Mustang bike rack

    Bought a Saris Bones on CL for $40. Works just fine. I'm buying a truck this fall so this will work for now.
    Going to start using the outside straps or adjust it some more because the front tire rubs a little.

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    Just buy a hitch for the Mustang, then when you sell it, add the cost into the sale price. Here's one for $166:

    Trailer Hitch by Hidden Hitch for 1996 Mustang - 60887

    You can also check salvage yards, they typically let class 1 hitches go for $25-50. I picked up an oem hitch for my Escape from a guy that was parting out his wrecked Escape. OEM hitches are typically the easiest to deal with as the chassis already has holes and/or nuts in place and they bolt right in in just a few minutes unless you need to loosen or remove the bumper cover (additional ten or so minutes).

    Then you can do so much more, like pull a trailer since you can't fit sh1t inside a Mustang (BTDT).

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    Mustang bike rack

    I cringe whenever I see trunk racks. I can only imagine the paint damage those do over time. Not me, hitch rack all the way...

    Mustang bike rack-imageuploadedbytapatalk1403452414.742704.jpg

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    My only issue with a hitch rack is that I'm getting a new bumper cover soon and won't be able to use it. And by that time I'll have a second vehicle so I wont need it anyway and I didn't want to drop money for a hitch AND a rack when I'm probably only going to use it the rest of this year. Plus my trunk needs painted anyway along with the rest of the car.

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