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    Moving, how to keep 13 bikes safe?

    I found an amazing job on the other side of the country that will help with my relocation but how do I manage my fleet of 13 bikes? Would you trust movers to just throw them into a truck? One place suggested i can get wood crates built up but at 350 bucks each i'd need 4 to protect my good bikes if i put them in pairs. anyone gone through this before? boxing them up in bike boxes will take a while and with 2 DH bikes i'm not sure id even make them fit.

    After reading horror stories i'm tempted to just rent a Uhaul and drive them myself. seems like the hard way to go though. anyone have first hand experience?
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    have a shop box them.

    for 25-50$ per, have them professionally boxed. Then you can ship all (or a few) and the ones you take will be safe, and will stack/pack against eachother cleanly.

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    Look into ABF: you pack everything, they drive.

    We had to deal with this problem recently, and took a multi-faceted approach. The really delicate stuff we put on top of the car and drove it ourselves. In particular, this refers to a few monocoque carbon bikes we didn't want to see crushed. So, a total of 4 bikes on the car. The rest of the bikes we packed into standard cardboard bike boxes and into our travel case, with lots of pipe insulation and wrapping to protect the bikes in case things moved around.

    With ABF, we were able to pack our belongings into the truck ourselves, ensuring that not only were the bikes safe, but so were all of the dishes, etc. It was nice not having strangers messing with our stuff, and it was nice not having to drive it.
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    I may end up having to move across country before too long. I'm not concerned about bikes (will only be hauling two), but on top of the bikes, I've gotta manage a canoe, a houseful of stuff, a dog, a cat, and an aquatic turtle & fish. I don't want to rent a truck (I've heard some horrendous stories of breakdowns in those things) and would rather pay someone to drive my household stuff so the wife and I can manage the bikes, canoe, pets, and houseplants.

    What is this ABF business you mention? What did you pay for your move, and how far did you travel?

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    We moved LA to SLC. The move was a LOT cheaper than hiring movers, and probably 20% cheaper than renting a truck (though probably even cheaper than that, since we didn't have to pay for gas). We don't have a ton of stuff, I think we paid just under a grand. The nice thing is, you only pay for the space you use in the trailer.

    My advice is to start packing really early. Like a month early. Buy good boxes and lots of real packing material. It will probably cost you a more than you want to spend on cardboard and tape, even if you look around for a bargain, and is totally worth it. Also, get a big pile of moving blankets from ABF. Be ready with lots of tie-down rope.

    Also, make sure you call your insurance company and clarify what is covered when moving.
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    If you have them packaged in boxes by your LBS, I'd bet the movers wouldn't damage them. Just pack them like you're mailing them or as if the person who is doing the moving doesn't give a flip about the bikes. Braces and Invisalign in Leesburg VA

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    just make sure if you have movers have them not them for exceptional value. that way they will take care of them, and if they are damaged they will be paid for. (opt for the optional insurance, not the base 60c per lb.


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