are most of the racks on craigslist stolen?-
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    are most of the racks on craigslist stolen?

    Theres an obscene amount of bike racks on craigslist, I have to create a bookmark with "-rack" just to get rid of all the clutter when looking at bike parts. I was thinking of getting one so I checked how fast they are to install and they dont seem to be secure at all and would be super easy to steal (for trunk racks), so I wonder if they are so popular on CL because they are stolen. Do people ever come back after a ride and find their rack gone?

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    Probably same ratio of stolen to legitimate as regular bike sales on CL.

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    Super easy to steal because too many people don't think of someone stealing their hitch rack in broad daylight at a local park. Sure, all of us that post on here secure our swag, but we're less than 0.05% of people than own these things.

    People steel the QR bolts from fork mounts. They steal antennas. They steal everything.
    I will suffer no butt-hurt fools!

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    I was thinking the same with saddles sold the w/ seat post attached.

    Bike racks are like camelbaks, bike brands, and camera bags. There are a lot to choose from. Not a single one is perfect.

    I personally have Thule, Swagman, Saris, and Highland racks. In fact, I have 2 Swagmans and 2 Thules to boot. I've sold one and given one away, but I still have the rest.

    Currently I'm using my Saris on my car (1.25") and the Highland on my SUV due to my back and these racks being lightweight.

    I'm seriously considering unloading the rest of them. Guess where I'll go?

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    I speculate lots of things on CL are stolen items
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    Racks are kind of an odd thing to steal.

    I sold my racks on CL when I upgraded. I would venture that a lot of people buy a rack or attachment for a given trip with the expectation that they will keep at it for a while. When that doesn't happen, they try to turn it into cash. This stuff is expensive.


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