• 11-20-2009
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    Lovin my Raxter 4-bike rack!
    Sorry for the shameless plug, but I freaking love this rack! Raxter makes a 2 and 4 bike version and they're cheaper than Yakima and Thule. Additionally, this thing is COMPACT!!! See the pictures -- it folds up closely to the rear of my truck and yet does not stick up past the tailgate. I had this on my Dakota (just got the Ridgeline) and really enjoyed it on there as well.

    Other notable things:
    > If you have 4 bikes on the rack and want one from the middle, you don't have to take any other bike off the rack.
    > The 'shoes' which support the wheel / bike are replaceable and very inexpensive if not covered under warranty.
    > I've carried 4 mtn bikes (mix of 29er and 26ers), mix of mtn / road / tri bikes and not had any problem with getting the bikes on the rack or how they fit or anything.

    Bottom line: if you're looking for a great folding 2 or 4 bike hitch rack, I'd check these guys out!
  • 11-20-2009
    I've got the same rack but in the two-bike version. So easy to use compared to the other hitch racks out there.