• 03-04-2010
    evan, yo!
    Longevity of Subaru factory bars
    I picked up a hitch-mount rack for my '06 Outback. Because of the size of the hitch receiver the rack can only hold two bikes. It's not often I will have more than two bikes in/on my car. I was thinking of picking up a tray or two to throw on the factory cross bars but have been told they aren't nearly as strong as the Yakima or Thule bars. Has anyone had any bad experiences with trays on their factory racks? What about if I pick up a roof box, are the factory crossbars strong enough to last for 5-10 years of use?
  • 03-04-2010
    I had a safari basket and two bike holders (fork mount tray and upright) on my 2005 outback. Just took them off and aside from a little sun fading, no problems.
  • 03-04-2010
    I've had ridiculous amounts of crap tied to my 2002 WRX roof rack. Literally hundreds of pounds of weight - enough to cause the entire roof to flex. Mtn bikes and snowboards at... significant speeds. 8 years of wind, rain, dirt, dust and road salt - no problems that a little WD-40 couldn't fix.
  • 03-04-2010
    I just got a Yakima Forklift so I can't give you a real response right now. Maybe months later I can report back on how my 1999 Subaru Outback's factory bars do :)
  • 03-17-2010
    '05 WRX wagon with the subie crossbars. Performed like they should. Most I ever up on there was probably 70 lbs or so.