Kuat NV vs. Tule T2

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  • 12-25-2009
    Kuat NV vs. Tule T2
    I'm trying to decide between keeping the t2 I got as a gift or exchanging for the NV? Anyone have either and tell me their opinions?
  • 12-26-2009
    I have both but the NV is still in its box so I can't really give you practical, real-world info. My T2 is the 1.25" size but the NV is 2". What size is your T2 and what vehicle is it going on?
  • 12-28-2009
    It's going on a chevy 1500-I stuck with the tule-it was a gift from my gf and looks strong and won't have to pony up any extra cash for the nv this way-
  • 01-09-2010
    You can always use your T2 and upgrade it later w/ the Kuat Trail Doc attachment. It's the workstand that comes on the NV.
  • 04-08-2010
    I'm between these two rack as well I can't decide :madman:
  • 04-08-2010
    my nv was delivered today so i will let you know its going on a tacoma
  • 04-08-2010
    Well, I've had both at one point. I started out with a Thule t2 (2") sold it on craigslist and bought the NV then sold that a week later on CL and bought another T2. I have a Toyota with a left-swing rear door. I can say there are things that I like about the NV. The front wheel trays are much nicer in my opinion. Where as the T2's rear wheel trays are much nicer. The anti-sway on the NV was nice but much too short for my rear receiver so it barely made a difference. Thule's anti-sway isn't much better. The Traildoc was an added feature, but as stated b4 it can be added to the Thule and Yakima racks. The fit and finish on the NV was very nice, no complaints about the T2. The main reason for selling the NV was it sat too high for my rear door, even with the tilt down feature which actually raised the back of the rack 2" higher due to the single pivot point where-as the T2 drops forward and down. I also feel that the plastics used in the NV were a little more brittle as I went thru 2 endcaps. I CAN say without a doubt though NV racks has the BEST customer service as they replaced both endcaps without question, immediately. On a side note, as soon as I received my NV I removed every screw and bolt to locktite them down and found that they use self tapping screws. (personally I trust locktite vs self-tapping). The Thule uses nylon-nuts bolts, I still thread-locked every nut and bolt.

    The nice thing about Thule is just about everyone carries replacement parts. Now in my quest for the perfect rack I have MWEracks making me a new spine for the T2 otherwise I would really consider a North Shore Bike racks. Now those look stout and accommodate my kiddies 20" wheeled bikes.

    Hope this helps.. -J
  • 04-08-2010
    Can't really offer too much advice. I just bought a brand new car and was also faced with which rack to get. I was deciding between a Kuat or Thule. Didn't like the design of the Thule (trays being frinction-held in place) nor some of the reports I've read, but also didn't need the beef of the NV. I just ordered the Kuat Sherpa. I'll post back next week when I get it all setup with my thoughts since its fairly similar to the design of the NV.