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    Good job! KUAT Innovations

    True review. For "Face-Melting" customer service, press 2...

    Bold and very accurate statement. I purchased a Kuat NV2 in Jan 2017. I live in the midwest, ride year round--yes, even with 14" of snow, sub zero temps, we get out once a week no matter what. The rack has been through a couple winters. During the ride season, we ride 3-6 times a week. The rack has been to Tucson, Denver, Moab and many other places.

    A couple weeks ago I noticed something going on with the finish. I sent Kuat photos. Kuat proceeded to melt my face by stating--we are going to replace your rack with a new rack. Wow. My face started melting.

    Yesterday, some 10-11 days after contacting Kuat about this concern, I received my new NV2. Wow. Great company. They exceeded my customer service expectations, far exceeded them. Thank you JON! Thank you Kuat! You have a customer for life.

    Note: I do not work for Kuat. I am just a regular rider who decided on using Kuat 2 years ago. There are several factors we all take into account when selecting a bike rack: design, cost, fit, finish, level of engineering, brand, compatibility with our bike(s) and vehicles, and customer service. From very recent first hand experience, I can confirm Kuat's customer service is second to NO OTHERS. Simply stated, Kuat is amazing.

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    Great to hear when a company stands behind their product.

    The same can't be said about my rusting sidearm from a different company

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    My experiences with Kuat have been of a similar quality tho not nearly as cool as that! Had two ďincidentsĒ and Kuat handled both very quickly and with zero questions (or accusations!).

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    Kuat replaced about $300 in parts on my NV from little more than a photo and a question mark. Super pleasant company to work with. To the extent they cost more than Thule or Yakima or whomever, the no-faff support absolutely justifies it.

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    I had the Kuat NV and now the NV2.0, and their customer support is unparalleled I like that I can toss the rack on easily, tight it down so it doesnít move, and load up whatever I want, from laden fatbikes to ultralight road bikes, with no adjustment needed for either. Iíve used the Trail Doc too many times to count to wash and adjust bikes after crashes.

    I spoke with someone while on vacation in NC (I live in Maine) and he asked about the rack. I was truthful about the rack and mentioned a few things that could be improved, but overall raved about it. I didnít know at the time, but he worked for Kuat and sent me some swag, a few fatbike kits, and even some Kuat beer! While I am intrigued at the 1UP, I am a Kuat customer for as long as they keep being awesome and producing a great product.

    KUAT Innovations-d43980e0-1f88-4c52-a35c-49bec41cf1b7.jpg
    Nothing to see here, move along folks.

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    +1 for awesome products and customer support. I've had an NV 2 since ~2013 an it is still going strong.

    One of my 1UP hitch rack cronies finally saw the light... those darn things look like junior high school metal shop creations and the bikes sit too close together which can cause handlebar/seatpost rub between two bikes.
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    I was looking to buy a hitch-pin lock for my Kuat HiLo extension but their website didn't list the key code that matched the Sherpa I just bought. I bought one anyway even though I knew I'd have two keys. When I used the on-line chat to check on my order which included a backordered item, I mentioned this and the rep said my code was too new for the stand-alone hitch-pin. So he threw in a free set of cores to match the hitch-pin I just bought. It was only $20, but it was a solid CS gesture.

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    I also had the pleasure of "pressing 2" last week. Kuat's CS was second to none. They sent out some new parts and I received them within 3 days.

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