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    Jetta Project

    Hi everyone,

    Long time lurker, first time poster.

    I need some help and advice on my latest project and hope you can lend your knowledge. I have an old VW Jetta that I want to convert to a singlespeed. Yes, that's right, I want to pull all of the gears out, except one. Back when I was 12, I had a go-cart that I drove around the neighborhood all day; man, I would drive that thing for hours, not once feeling the need to be encoumbered by any sort of gears or transmission. On my commute to work the other day, I had the thought of converting my Jetta to a singlespeed, which I first thought was crazy, but then I thought -- WHY NOT SINGLESPEED!!!. Not having to shift would provide lots of opportunities to think about why I am driving in the first place -- to drink coffee and get to work mainly -- but I am sure there are other things I will grow to like with such a simplified solution. Since I don't know jack about cars or transmissions, I expect to encounter many difficulties along the way, but I had a few ideas I have been kicking around; here they are:
    1. Gearing: While I would like to be able to start my car without having friends there to give me a push, I would still like to be able to cruise the freeway at the minimum speed of 45mph. Will this be possible with a specific gear ratio? Does Boone make a special titanium gear that would add 'bling'?

    2. Stickerage: I would like to run a Cars 'R' Coffins sticker. While I am in a car, it is a singlespeed -- would this somehow cause the universe to collapse? Maybe I should just sick with the old standby 'OFG' sticker?

    If this project proves to be a success, I would like to explore the idea of removing all of the suspension on my car. I think if I were to replace the shocks with steel beams, I would be more in touch with the road. If I could then replace the steel beams with some sort of carbon fiber post, that may dampen the road vibrations to provide the best ride. Does anyone know if such a product exists?



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