Inno Racks quick to remove-
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    Inno Racks quick to remove

    I am looking to get whole rooftop setup (towers/bars/tray) for my Subaru Crosstrek. I want something that I can easily (5-10 minutes) throw on top so that it isn't always killing my fuel mileage, since 3/4 of the time this car is my wife's commuter.

    To that end, I am considering the Inno IN-AR (less pricey at $130) or the IN-FR (pricier at $170, but looks like a faster system to remove) along with the INA391 (Fork lock III, $95), since I only have 9mm QR front hubs and want a fork mount.

    Does anyone have feedback on these racks or tray? Alternative rack or tray that I should be considering in this price range? IMHO, the great deal with the Inno racks is the price includes locks, so that would need to be factored into other systems. Thanks for any help!

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    I had the ones that preceded those. They didn't hold up very well although they get good marks for being easy to install. They corroded way faster than anything else I've had. The best racks I've had from that perspective are the Yakima Whispbars - which I like very much.

    Thule makes a nice tower for clamping onto the rails like that. I had those and they were my favorites behind the Whispbars - highly recommended.


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    That's a bummer to hear, but I'm glad to get some long-term feedback about the inno racks. They have good reviews on Amazon, but most of those ate people who recently put then on their vehicles, not those who have used then until they bit the dust. Thanks for the feedback!

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    Saris load bars which have been discontinued are the fastest install/remove system I have used. I have been using them since the 90s and although they are no longer made you can score them on Ebay and old stock from some dealers. Saris also has some accessories and spares available directly from them. They have held up pretty well for me but I only have them on the car when transporting a bike since they are so easy to remove.

    They have fork mount trays and upright mounts

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