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    I need a good bike rack for my truck........

    I have a 00' Hyundai Sante Fe GLS and I am looking for a bike rack (preferably top mount) to put on my truck. I am on a $300 dollar budget and I am looking for something durable, any suggestions?

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    If you're comfortable with ebay, I would say that's a great place to start. Obviously you'll have to put a fair amount of caution in every purchase ebay, but you can also find some killer deals on both brand new and slightly used equipment. Also, be sure to check online classifieds (here, although I think it's slim-pickings for racks on mtbr) or places like Craigslist. As long as your careful and ask plenty of questions, you most likely won't be burned and you should more than likely be able to get a decent rack for under the 300 bucks that you've allotted for this purchase.

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    I got a yakima hitch rack that holds 4 bikes, practically brand new for sale

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    Saris is the way to go. Very nice quality and the best part is that its made of all nonrusting parts. Most other racks are made of aluminum with steel bolts, this stuff breaks down if kept exposed to the elements over time.

    I bought mine on ebay for dirt cheap. Check this out.. link
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    If you don't mind a hitch rack, I really like my Allen 3-bike.


    They are really well priced, and have all the features like tilt-down so you can open the rear gate. You can buy them here...free shipping.


    I used to have a roof rack but I like the hitch a lot better.....much easier to load/unload, don't have to worry about overhead clearance, and can be used as a repair stand at the trailhead.

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    bike racks

    mmost vehicle manufactures have accesories/part dept. that can get bike racks that will fit correctly check the website for hyundia they show inside and hitch mount styles for your car.

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