• 02-25-2010
    How many MR2 guys are in here?
    I see quite a lot of MR2s around here... heres mine

    6 years ago

    today... (well last week)
  • 02-26-2010
    One Pivot
    theres more than a handful of us.

  • 02-26-2010
    does old school count...?

    88 supercharged

  • 02-28-2010
    I used to have a totally mint 93 Turbo, bone stock, that I sold 5 years ago with 60k kms on it. I love that car, but after starting a family and getting hooked on bikes there was zero time to drive it. Thus I made the rational choice and sold it. Timed the market well too, just after I sold it the Canadian market was opened up to the 15 year old Japanese imports and I would suspect that prices nose dived. Some times I think of importing a Jspec one for fun, but again, life gets in the way... bought a new VW Golf TDI Sportwagen instead... fits the family and lots of bikes. :)
  • 03-18-2010
    Cajun Rich
    I had a 93 for a "fun" car but it go slammed into a wall by someone less. He claimed something broke and he lost control.Police report said contact was made with the wall over 100 mph!