How does your 1up rack affect hatch function and rear access?-
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    How does your 1up rack affect hatch function and rear access?

    Re: my new HD black 2-tray rack (+2 add-ons) on my Volvo XC60.

    My observations:

    I have just enough clearance to open my hatch even with the two trays in the full upright position and just over 2 inches in the receiver. There is precious little internet information on vehicle-specific measurements for this. I wondered about it, took the leap anyway, since it could always sit in the 45 degree position, and I am delighted. As my tool-designer friend says, "clearance is clearance"!

    The second tray in the full upright position does make it a bit harder to lean over to access items deep in my cargo area, but I'll get used to that in no time.

    The 1up single tray is the standard for compactness and vehicle access. What about with 2 trays? Who wants to lower their rack to access the cargo area unless they have to?

    What's your vehicle?
    How many trays?
    How does the rack affect your hatch opening?
    Do you keep it at 45 degrees?
    How is your cargo area access?

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    Volvo XC70 2015
    2 trays
    Does not open at 90 deg
    Opens at 45 deg
    Dogs have a hard time getting in the cargo area with the bike rack installed, people access is ok.

    VW Touareg 2012
    2 trays
    Does not open at 90 deg
    Opens at 45 deg
    Same cargo access as before.
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    2013 VW Touareg TDI
    1 tray

    I have never needed to open the rear hatch with the bike on the tray. In fact, if I remember I need something in the rear, I either remove the bike because it's so easy to do, or, I reach over the rear seat (usually for the floor pump when I want to air up before leaving the house).

    The only time I left it on and opened the hatch, I tilted it down as far as it would go and it had a lot of hatch clearance, but with the bike and rack it makes it more difficult to get anything in the trunk area.

    Just having the one tray in the vertical position makes it a pain to load and unload grocery bags. I always remove the rack after a ride now, and I stow it on the wall using the rack stash from 1up. Just simpler and more convenient.

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    i have never tried to access cargo area through hatch with bikes on rack. i have an outback and when i need something from rear cargo area I reach over rear seat or fold down half of rear seat.

    if rack is but not bikes I rotate rack into vertical fold up position. have yet to contact the rack in this position while putting anything in the cargo area, but I have a hidden hitch so it doesn't stick out past bumper either which helps.

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    2009 Toyota Matrix
    2 trays
    opens at 90 degrees
    same access

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    2015 Subaru XV Crosstrek
    Curt hitch (if you had a hidden hitch this won't work)
    Hatch opens with 2 trays at 90.
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    1999 Outback. Opens fine with one tray up at 90 degrees, but with 2 trays I need to fold it back to 45.
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