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    How do you transport a heavy bike?

    I have a 55lb monster for cruising. The wheels don't have quick release, so my current roof rack setup isn't an option(Yakima Boas). I don't know if having that much weight up there in one bike is safe, either.

    How would you transport a beast like this that doesn't have removable wheels? Can a tray type rack support that kind of weight safely?

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    I was researching different racks that could haul my beach cruiser just last week. They Kuat NV has a 60lb per bike rating for a total of 120 lbs. That would work. not sure of other options, as most racks I was interested in had a max weight of 70 lbs total for 2 bikes. Kuat's weight rating caught me off guard. I think your options are also limited by what size receiver hitch you have and it's limits. This is just one option, I'm sure others will chime in with suggestions.
    As far as roof racks go, you might be able to get one of the rails from whichever manufacturer you prefer, if it does not require you to remove the front wheel. If I remember correctly, Yakima specifically says not to use a fork mounted rack for any bike that does not have a quick release fork with safety tabs. Not sure I would risk trying to see if they are wrong.

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    bed of the pick up truck, if you dont have one, chances are you can rent one, if that isnt an option buy one, if that isnt an option rent a beach cruiser wherever you are going.

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    Instead of buying a new rack, you could get a cheaper used hard tail or rigid, if its just for cruising. A new rack is at least $100, and your bike (I don't know which kind you have) can probably sell for at least $100. So you could get a new, much lighter bike for not much more.

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    Having that much weight on the roof is fine; it's designed to support the weight of the car in a rollover, and Thule bars are rated at 100kg (I'm sure Yak is similar).

    I'd just carry the bike upside down on the cross bars with no carrier; saddle on one bar, handlebar on the other. Ratchet strap it down.

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    The 55 pounder is a felt MP that I bought new 3 years ago for $600. Appreciate the feedback, but selling it isn't likely to happen.

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    I use a Ram 2500 for my dirtbike, but wanted to use my Wrangler to haul the bicycle because the Wrangler is a bit more efficient. I use a $70 Harbor Freight receiver carrier that I had laying around in the garage. I just use a couple tie downs on the front and bungee the rear wheel so it doesn't hop around.

    Hitch Cargo Carrier - 500 lb. Capacity

    Not fancy or cool, but it secures the bike really well.

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