• 03-16-2010
    Dirty Dog
    How do I secure my bike to my bike rack with inner tubes?
    I just bought a bike rack to transport my mountain bike around and have seen the same type of rack with the bike secured with old inner tubes but I cant work out how to do it! The tubes did not look like they had been cut, just fed through the metal loop at the bottom near the towball and then through itself to secure it to the rack but how do you then secure the bike to the rack? It looked so simple but my poor little brain can't work it out!

    Also how tight do you do the allen bolts on these? I want to do it really tight to ensure it wont come off but im worried about shearing the thread.

    Any help and advice greatly appreciated!

    Cheers, DD
  • 03-17-2010
    Dirty Dog
    I've just seen there is a more appropriate forum I could have posted this in. Can a mod move this please? Have mercy! Im new!