• 03-08-2010
    Hook-over-frame platform racks and full suspension bikes?
    I've used a Thule Doubletrack for about 10 months without issue and like it just fine, but I have recently been considering "hook-over-wheel" platform racks, specifically the Kuat NV. However, after more thought, I've decided to keep the Doubletrack for the time being and save the cash, but I do have a question for all "hook-over-frame" style rack (e.g., yakima stickup, thule doubletrack, etc.) owners - have any of you had any problems with damage to the rear shock of full suspension bikes? I don't think this is an issue and haven't seen any reports of such, but I do worry about the potential. I usually push down enough on the hook arm that it often causes the rear shock on my bike to compress a little, and the regular bouncing that occurs during transport makes me wonder how much of the bouncing is transfered to the rear shock. I know that's what the rear shock is made for, but I don't want to put any undo stress/use on the rear shock if I can help it especially if it could do damage or require that the rear shock be serviced sooner.

  • 03-08-2010
    most of these racks will push down on the front wheel. i suppose you could do it on the rear wheel too, without any trouble.

    you aren't going to put any pressure on the fork that would even come close to the amount of force or pressure you would put on it riding.