• 04-04-2010
    Honda Hybrid needs cover to accommodate Thule roof racks
    Need to get a cover for my Honda Civic Hybrid because my parking space is under a tree. The birds are doing their number on my car. I have Thule racks on my car. Have never bought a cover before. Do they make a cover to accommodate roof racks with bike and kayaking attachments? Any suggestions? Thanks!!
  • 04-04-2010
    I would use a blue tarp
  • 04-05-2010
    check out covercraft....they make a nice cover.
    you could buy something "universal" for a larger vehicle, that should accomodate the extra size of the roof.
    car covers are a pain in the a$$...cause they get dirty or wet, and then you've gotta find a place to store it when you're not using it.
  • 04-11-2010
    Chainsaw or a gun should do the trick.