Honda CRV owners (to replace a BMW 3 series wagon/touring)-
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    Honda CRV owners (to replace a BMW 3 series wagon/touring)

    Hi All,

    I am based in the UK and my wife and I currently drive a BMW 320d Touring (2011 model) - we share as we only need one car. It has only done 31,000 miles, which is very little and it has a spare set of allow wheels with winter tyres (helpful for an auto rear wheel drive with a bit of grunt). It is a great car and drives really well. Has a DAB radio (our sort of equivalent to Sirrius, but not sat and less channels!). Leather seats are also a bonus. We have a Thule roof rack for carrying the bikes. Just about fits all the stuff for our 10 month old and us.

    So why the thread? Well, in Europe there have been a lot of well documented problems with this diesel engine (just google N47 engine issues). It is a peach, but occasionally goes rotten! The issue lies with the cam chain, which can not be replaced easily (engine is taken out to replace) and therefore is very expensive if it needs to be maintained or goes wrong. Our engine developed the tell tale rattle that signifies there is a problem and has had the chain and guides changed at 6,500 miles and 18,500 miles, before the car was even 2 years old. The car is under warranty, so BMW picked up the bill each time. It costs about 4,000+ when you our outside the warranty and BMW will not do anything to help financially unless you have had the car maintained at a main dealer.

    Our friend's 320d (a 2008) just had their engine go - 7,000 (about $10,000 US) and they had a new engine. 300 miles later, you guessed it. Their car is outside warranty, obviously. BMW offered 1,000 towards their engine.

    Our car is worth maybe 14,000 (so less than $20,000 USD) used. Our friend's car would have been worth a lot less and not have been worth as much as the new engine cost. I can't get my head round potentially having to pay that amount of cash in a year or two - the problem is quite common.

    So, my thoughts are maybe I should trade the car in while it is still worth a bit of money, with some warranty left? I was considering a diesel CRV. It seems to have the plus of a large trunk, ipod connection and DAB radio, plus all wheel drive is helpful on the roads where we live. Downsides are worse gas mileage and you can't seem to get the more basic models with roof rails, unless you spend 300 or so, so an expensive add on to fit our roof rack.

    Anyone have a CRV and can comment on using it as a bike car? I am considering just putting bikes in the trunk and not buying another roof rack - our bike rack is really easy to use, but affects economy on the otherwise very frugal BMW. I know the diesel engine is probably not an option for the North American market, but what about the car generally?

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    I have also considered a Subaru XV (2.0 boxer diesel, euro spec, I think around 150hp). I like the XVs but am not sure the wife will be so happy with that as a suggestion.

    They are smaller than a CRV, but similar in size to a 3 series touring and I understand a more capable off road vehicle. Some other forum members said a while ago that it would be a 'down grade'.

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    BMW, VW and other Euro cars definitely get better resale value while under warranty. If you know you're going to make a move, I would do it now.

    MPG wise, you're only driving 10k miles a year. I really doubt it's going to make that much difference. I can't imagine the CRV diesel getting terrible mileage. Even the gassers here get 31MPG highway.

    Bike rack...get a hitch mounted rack. Easier to get on and off, better on MPG, and can be used on other vehicles.

    I almost bought a CRV 2 years ago, but opted for a Subaru Outback. I'm a Honda guy, but thought the Outback offered better features, and had more interior room for then my small family of 3. But I think I would have been happy with the CRV as well.

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    2006 CR-V owner here (USA). I have a Yakima roof rack (side note: CR-Vs are downright simple to install a roof rack on) which I typically use to carry road bikes. Lately, I've been throwing my large, full suspension mountain bike in the back with the rear seat folded down instead of putting it on the roof. Minor annoyances: the back bench doesn't fold flat, and there's not enough room when the seats are tumbled forward to load a bike with the front wheel off. I average anywhere from 22-26 mpg (remember, 2006), a far cry from the mileage newer CR-Vs are claimed to get, but I've only had one mechanical repair in 107k miles.

    Hope this helps.

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    I have a 2013 CRV and I absolutely love it. It's been the best vehicle I've owned so far. Mind you, I only have 7400 miles on it. We're getting a hitch installed on tomorrow and we got out Yakima double down 4 rack on Monday. I'll post pics this weekend. A few weeks ago we went on a road trip to Austin, TX which is 4 hours away from where we live. We set the cruise control at 75 MPH and average 33 MPG on hilly roads. At one point we were at 34 MPG. The CRV has the best resale value in its class. I think you'd love it if you decided to purchase one.

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