Honda Crosstour as a MTB vehicle-
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    Honda Crosstour as a MTB vehicle

    Anyone have any long term experience with the Honda Crosstour? I'm currently driving a BMW 335i and it's a fun daily driver but suboptimal for a MTB car.

    Can you easily fit a trailer hitch on the CT? How easily can a bike fit inside with the back seats down?

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    Honda Crosstour as a MTB vehicle

    We just got wife a new Acura RDX but looked hard at the CrossTour and the Honda CRV. I also tested the Acura ZDX a few years back with similar thoughts, and found the ZDX too small. I thought the bigger Honda CrossTour was bigger than the ZDX and much more functional, and would make a great car for hauling 1 bike and gear in the hatchback... But it was just a little "blah" on the inside for me. It would take a hitch for a hitch mount, though. The 2014 redesign of the Accord did not also update the CrossTour yet, so it may be worth waiting to see what the next new redesign model year brings for the CrossTour. I drive an Acura MDX, btw, and it's a great bikemobile... . The Acura TSX wagon is another option, and was a slow seller so there are some smoking deals on leftover 2013's.

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    I actually own a 2010 Crosstour. It doesn't have a hitch, but my 29er fits in the back with the seats down. I actually picked up the car from the docks by riding down, shoving my bike inside and driving home. The shipyard attendant was confused when he saw me driving away without a bike mounted on the car. I told him it was inside. He was impressed by the huge trunk space. The Crosstour does have an OEM hitch available, but I heard it takes a lot of modifications to make it fit. Plus I think it's the smaller 1 1/4" tubing. So keep that in mind if you plan on putting a hitch rack on the Crosstour. You could get a 2" to 1 1/4" adapter if you already have a hitch rack.

    I use a truck as my normal mtb shuttle. I got the Crosstour to use as my daily driver and occasional mtb shuttle if I really really need to.

    BTW, I love the car as a normal daily driver too. It's super smooth and handles nicely.

    This picture shows my bike in the trunk. I have since figured out that I can leave my front tire on if I remove the upper sun shade.

    Honda Crosstour as a MTB vehicle-704651_3914375267351_439851978_o.jpg

    Lots of space in the trunk with the seats down and sun shade removed.

    Honda Crosstour as a MTB vehicle-1410856_10200787376476263_1324833254_o.jpg
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    I own a 2010 4WD w/ Navi. I have zero complaints about it. Been awesome in the snow, on trips and definitely for bike transport. I occasionally carry two bikes inside the car when I travel out of town or need to park somewhere for a while before a ride. I can get any one of my 3 large 29er's in there without taking a wheel off. Gotta take the front wheel off on the 2nd one though.

    Got the factory hitch for it. The 2010-12 OEM hitch is awesome and barely protrudes from the bumper. In 2013, they went with a less labor intensive bolt-on unit that sticks out quite a bit. There is a big discussion on the Honda Crosstour Forums : Accord Crosstour Owners Forum. I really like the Kuat NV hitch rack too.

    Here's what it looks like.

    Honda Crosstour as a MTB vehicle-cthitch2.jpg

    Honda Crosstour as a MTB vehicle-dirtbike.jpg

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    Great stuff guys, thanks.

    If it weren't for the comment about the Crosstour not having been updated like the new Accord, I'd probably buy one this weekend. I'm really tired of my 335i (runflat tires are the worst thing I've seen on a car in my lifetime) and looking to make a change.

    But if it's going to get an update, I may wait and see. Thanks again!

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