expensive bike (at least for me) and need help with racks-
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    90 expensive bike (at least for me) and need help with racks

    Hey all,

    Just bought a new Trance 2! Here is my dilemma. I have an older Yakima King Cobra that I have used in the past for my cheap hardtail. Has quite a bit of wobble but it did hold the bike.

    I also have a Buzzrider SP1 rack (google it - kinda cool and the two hardtails it holds by the fork mount were very solid) but that is a fork mount and if I was to use that I would need to get the thule or yakima 15mm TA adaptor.

    My question is what would you trust between those two to carry your brand new bike? Can anyone speak for those adaptors?

    Oh, and I really don't care about having to take a wheel on and off for the fork mount, so please don't give me advice based on that aspect. I just want to know which one people would trust their new bikes with.

    Thanks everyone,

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    My wife and I both just got bikes that have 15mm TA, and so we got some of the 15mm TA adapters to be used with some older Rocky mounts pitch fork trays. WE have been very happy with them and i feel better about using a fork style rack as i feel it holds the bikes better. I have been contemplating though replacing my trays with some of the KŁat trio trays which you can convert to take 15 and 20mm TA just by changing a few parts..

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    I don't use that type of rack but I'm not a fan of wobble. Movement while transporting bikes puts potential unnecessary strain on the bike and it's components. I've lost lights, broke cables and scratched the hell out of my bike because of movement while on the rack.
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    The adapters work great. Not cheap for what they are. Fyi, Thule and Yakima fork adapters are made by Hurricane so they are exactly the same.
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    get rid of that king cobra. the design flaw in that bike rack is that the whole tray is dependent on the track at the bottom and the head of the carriage bolt that fits inside.
    we have seen many of these fail over the years and the result isn't pretty.
    we have the Yakima Highrollers on sale, but the remaining stock won't last much longer, I can assure you of that.
    Also, the Kuat Trio is a top-shelf product that offers versaitility to fit 9mm QR, 15mm and 20mm TA and 9mm and 15mm Phat. It has a lock that goes through the frame also. Nice product and it should be put on anyone's short list of fork mount racks.

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